Dublin Dad Launches Big Idea in a Baby Box

Baby Box Launch

They say that great things come in small packages. But for new parents it seems that really great things come in a sturdy cardboard box from new Irish company thebabybox.com! Inspired by the success and practicality of Finland’s baby box scheme, an Irish dad has just launched the new company selling a range of baby boxes containing a package of essentials for baby’s first months. But here’s the really clever bit: every box is constructed from sturdy cardboard and includes a firm, safety-tested mattress and bedclothes so it can be used as baby’s first crib.


Finland has been providing its newborns with a box of baby essentials for decades. The practice dates back to the 1930s and is designed to give all children born in Finland, the best possible start in life. Regardless of social status, millions of Finland’s babies have napped, slept and dozed in the simple, safe surroundings of the sturdy box. The baby box programme is widely believed to have been a significant factor in reducing Finland’s infant mortality rate to the 5th lowest in the world.


The new website, thebabybox.com which launched this month is the brainchild of James Fox, a Dublin dad who left his job in finance to find a career that would allow him to spend more time with his new daughter, Amelia. He quickly realised how much stuff babies need and how frequently they sleep (unlike their parents!) in those first few months. A bit of research led him to the Finnish Baby Box story and thebabybox.com was born.


Inspired by the mission to give every child an equal start, thebabybox.com is more than just a commercial enterprise. “We believe that every child deserves an equal start in life regardless of where they’re born” says thebabybox.com founder James Fox, “That’s why we are working with UNICEF Worldwide to help protect children in developing countries against life threatening diseases like measles, polio and tetanus.” Ten vaccination kits will be donated for every baby box sold through the website.

A practical product with a social purpose? That should help more parents – and babies – sleep a little easier!

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