The Baby Box has now vaccinated 10,000 Children!

Baby Box Baby 5

The Baby Box is one year old this month! Coinciding with its first year in business, The Baby Box is celebrating the milestone of vaccinating 10,000 children in the developing world in partnership with UNICEF. For every Baby Box sold, 10 children have been vaccinated from measles, polio and tetanus, 3 potentially fatal disease that unfortunately are still prevalent in the developing world.

Baby Box Unicef

Speaking about the milestone, James Fox, Founder of The Baby Box commented: “I established my business with the aim of providing children with the best possible start in life. In order to facilitate that goal, I partnered with UNICEF to provide vaccinations for vulnerable new-born babies in the poorest parts of the world. I am proud to have reached the significant milestone of vaccinating 10,000 children and hope to see this number grow significantly over the coming year.”

To learn more about our work with UNICEF please see our Charity Page


For every Baby Box sold, thebabybox.com provides 10 Vaccination Kits to the Developing World. To view our full range please click here.